NFP Advisory Committee

This committee serves as a group that studies, supports, and makes a recommendation on the future plans for Northshore Family Partnership—a new program specifically designed to serve homeschool families in our community.

Committee Composition

  • 1 NFP Principal
  • 1 NFP Head Teacher
  • 1 Teacher
  • 2-3 District Administrators
  • 5 NFP Parents

Member Expectations

This advisory committee involves a two-year commitment of attending monthly advisory meetings from October-May of 2018 and 2019. Committee members should:

  • Be willing to contribute positively to discussions and study possibilities
  • Hold a global perspective on the range of possibilities for meeting the needs of the program, obtaining district goals and guidelines, and meeting state expectations
  • Be able to honor varied points of view, compromise and build consensus
  • Provide support to program goals, recommendations, and implementation


Christy Clausen
Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction