Holistic Services

Highly Capable Services at the kindergarten and 1st grade levels are provided in the regular classroom at the neighborhood school. Classroom teachers meet students’ instructional needs in the classroom based on the student’s skill level and needs within the content areas being taught – English Language Arts, Math, etc. These services are known as Holistic Highly Capable Services. The cornerstone of Holistic Highly Capable Services is differentiated instruction.

Students who are eligible for Holistic Services in Kindergarten continue their eligibility for Holistic Services in first grade. In the spring of first grade, Holistic Highly Capable students are re-assessed. The purpose of this assessment is to identify whether the student continues to qualify for Highly Capable services. Students who meet the qualification for Highly Capable services in a content area (Reading and/or Math) will be identified and offered a service model that fits their needs.