Grades 1-7 Spring Portfolio Review

Note: This process is only for currently-enrolled students in grades 1-7 who were invited to take part in Assessment, but were unable to do so due to one of the following conditions:

•    Missed the parent permission window for Assessment
•    Were absent during Assessment held at their school site
•    Were sick during Assessment held at their school site

This is not the process for non-enrolled (e.g. private, home-schooled, or out-of-district) students. For non-enrolled students, information regarding eligibility for Highly Capable Services can be found here: Non-Enrolled Students.

Families of students in eighth grade or higher can find more information about their application process here: Eighth Grade and Beyond

If your student meets any of the conditions stated above, s/he is eligible for a portfolio review. If you would like your student's data to be reviewed, please complete this form: Portfolio Review Request Form.

The Highly Capable Department has access to students' report cards and test scores. Once the Portfolio Review Request Form is completed, no further action is required on your part. Documents prepared and submitted by families are not considered.


What is a portfolio review? 

The Spring Portfolio Review process is an internal review of Northshore-collected and Washington State Smarter Balance Assessment data. This protocol ensures equitable analysis of all student portfolios across school communities and grade levels.

Upon completion of the review, families will be notified of the results.  Communication regarding Highly Capable eligibility status upon portfolio review will be sent to the primary email address on file with Northshore School District, no later than May 1, 2019. Please ensure that your current primary email address on file is correct.  School main offices can assist families in reviewing this information and make any necessary modification. Families may also use ParentVue for viewing and modifying primary email addresses. We appreciate you adding to your email contact list in order to avoid spam/junk mail delivery. 


What happens during a portfolio review?

A district team will convene to review and analyze each student’s portfolio of data. A portfolio of data includes all information gathered by a student’s teacher (IRR, STAR, SBA, report card), as well as the Highly Capable Department. The team applies Northshore’s eligibility criteria and looks for evidence of high cognitive potential and high academic ability. Students demonstrating unique and advanced learning needs will be offered Highly Capable qualification and services beginning Fall 2019.


When will this review happen?

The portfolio review is tentatively scheduled for April 2019. 



If a student is offered Highly Capable designation after a spring portfolio review, do they need to participate in further testing to keep their designation the following year? 

This depends on grade level. For current Grades 2-12 students, once a student has received a Highly Capable designation in reading and/or math, that designation will follow them throughout their K-12 career. 

All Northshore students in Grade 1 are re-assessed at the end of first grade. This reassessment may or may not result in continued HiCap qualification.

All students in HiCap programs are expected to maintain good academic standing in order to remain in the program. For additional information on how we monitor student progress, visit this page: Exiting the Program.