Appeal Process

Northshore School District, in compliance with the Washington State rules for Highly Capable Programs (WAC 392-170-076), has an appeal process. Appeals are reviewed and considered by the district-level Multidisciplinary Selection Team (MST). The MST is chaired by the Director of Intervention Programs.

Universal Screening
There is no appeal process for universal screening. The appeal process exists for appeals of final eligibility only. Universal screening is one data point within the collection of HiCap portfolio data, and does not determine final eligibility on its own.

HiCap Program Eligibility
The appeal process for the final eligibility decision currently under review. When available, the process will be posted here on Northshore’s HiCap website and included in all final eligibility communication including email and student’s backpack mail.

Northshore School District holds several guiding principles around the district appeal process, including:

  • Evaluations from outside agencies and/or medical professionals will not be accepted as evidence.
  • Parents should not ask teachers for letters of recommendation or other documents, as those will not be considered by the MST.
  • The Multidisciplinary Selection Team’s final decision will be sent in writing to the person filing the appeal.