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Elementary Advanced Placement (EAP) site information is now available. This information pertains to the placement of newly qualified EAP students for school year 2019-2020.

Notifications of student qualifications pertaining to the 2018-2019 Eligibility Process were sent to families via student backpack mail on or before Friday, April 26th. Completion of the Permission and/or Appeals Process was due by Tuesday, May 7th, no later than 4:00pm Pacific Time. Therefore, these links are now closed.

Parent acceptance of services is required by law. Northshore school administrators will be notified of all students offered Highly Capable qualification. Schools will provide Highly Capable Services to qualified students who completed the acceptance process during the permission window. 

Information regarding the Appeals Process was included in all notification letters. The district level Multidisciplinary Selection Team convened Wednesday, May 8th, to review all submitted appeals. Therefore, late appeals will not be accommodated. Families who filed an appeal within the 10-day window will receive appeal decision via USPS mail by the end of May.

Information regarding the eligibility process, appeals, and program services is located on Northshore’s Highly Capable website. The Highly Capable FAQ page may also be of help to you in answering commonly-asked questions. You can find that information here: HiCap FAQ

By law, students must have a yearly opportunity to participate in the Highly Capable Eligibility Process. Therefore, the next opportunity is Winter of 2020. Details regarding the eligibility process are a part of the 2019-2020 Highly Capable Program Plan. The program plan is drafted, reviewed by the School Board and approved by OSPI in early Fall of 2020.

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The Northshore School District Highly Capable Program is founded upon 4 guiding principles:

  • Whole child focus.  Support for academic, creative, and social-emotional development fostering a growth mindset.
  • Not more work, different work.  Developing innovative, creative, and  critical thinkers through access to advanced learning standards with appropriate depth and rigor.  
  • Not a one size fits all.   Highly Capable qualified students have diverse needs and unique challenges, in addition to high cognitive capability and/or academic achievement.  Often this requires the collaboration of teams across programs to meet the needs of individual learners.
  • Equity. Equitable access to HiCap services for all students who qualify. Ability and talent are equally distributed, opportunity is not. All students, regardless of race, income, culture, special needs, or support program, have the potential to qualify for advanced learning services when given equitable opportunity with culturally and linguistically accessible instruments and an unbiased qualification system.
Northshore Middle School students working in class while the teacher walks around to talk to each table.

Highly Capable Services are designed for students identified as advanced learners through cognitive and/or academic performance.

We provide services and offer programs for students whose needs are beyond the scope of the general education classroom. Our services are designed to provide a challenging, integrated, and enriched curriculum.

Students are identified for Highly Capable services in a two step process: universal screening and assessment. Students' scores must meet a threshold in order to qualify for services.

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As the Highly Capable Program continues its mission of creating an equitable identification process, we produced an analysis our 2017-18 eligibility process.