Curriculum Materials Directory

In response to requests that the Northshore School District's approved core and supplemental curriculum be available to the public, we have created the Curriculum Materials Directory. The directory can be searched by grade level, subject category, title, author, and other search criteria.

Though the data in the directory is accurate, much of it has not been assigned a sub-category designation, as our previous database did not contain as much detail as is available here. If you search on a sub-category (such as English-Novels) and find no results, try searching on the main category (English) instead. We will continue to refine the sub-category designations for existing data, while all new material added to the database will have all search criteria fully represented.

Click here to access the Curriculum Materials Directory

Parent/Guardian Request for Reconsideration

A parent/guardian wishing to request reconsideration of the use of specific instructional materials in the Northshore School District must complete the CMAC Form 2020F-5 Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials.The requestor will deliver the completed reconsideration request form to the school principal, who will forward the form to the Chair of CMAC. For a complete description of the reconsideration process, please read the Challenged Materials Process Overview document.