STEM Grants and Awards

 2017-18 NSF Innovative Classroom Grant- Skyview Junior High School Robotics Club award recipients

2017-18 OSPI Project Lead The Way Aerospace Engineering Grant

The grant award of $25,000 is designed to support implementation of specialized Project Lead The Way Engineering courses for 2017-18 (Aerospace Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing). These courses will support existing Project Lead The Way Introductory courses and provide students with more options to take academically rigorous CTE courses in STEM fields of study. Project Lead The Way is a nationally recognized engineering curriculum platform that emphasizes engaging, hands on project based learning that empowers all students to develop in demand knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the 21st century and beyond.  Our program was selected because of our ability to:

· Increase the number of students prepared to enter STEM career fields.
· Implement specialized courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
· Develop knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for industry employment.
· Expand access to and awareness of the opportunities offered by high quality career and technical education.

2016-17 Computer Science Implementation from Northshore Schools Foundation

The Northshore Schools Foundation provided $3,000 to the NSD Career and College Readiness Computer Science Implementation program that will support teacher professional development and piloting of a new Computer Science curriculum TechSmart Kids.  

2015-16- Innovative Classroom STEM Grants from Northshore Schools Foundation 

  • Woodinville High School Biomedical Program Student Supplies and Consumables for lab projects -$500
  • NSD Career and Technical Education Open House Sponsor-$500
  • NSD Hour of Code project-$3600 

2014-2015- Innovative Classroom STEM Grants from Northshore Schools Foundation

Lego Renewable Energy at Wellington Elementary. Impact: 300+ students - $1,000.00 awarded for Lego Renewable Energy kits for fifth- and sixth-grade students in the Pace Program at Wellington Elementary to support the Foundation’s initiatives of Science Technology Engineering and Math. Under the direction of parent Heather Church, the foundation will provide 10 renewable energy add-on sets to supplement the existing Lego NXT equipment already in use. Students in this program will explore renewable energy sources, investigate energy supply transfer, accumulation, conversion, and consumption; and use measurement and data analysis to describe and explain outcomes through hands on activities and exciting real life models.

STEM education at Hollywood Hill Elementary. Impact: 1100 students - $1,000.00 awarded for STEM education at Hollywood Hill to support the Foundation’s STEM initiative. Under the direction of Kurt Archuleta, this pilot STEM program brings Project Lead the Way to the elementary school in the Launch Curriculum. This is connected to the next generation science standards and students will deepen their knowledge in the sciences including the engineering practice, and will have context to apply foundational reading and writing skills. We are using the context of Stem to increase rigor in learning for fourth and fifth grade students.

Student Built, Self Replicating 3D printers at Timbercrest Junior High. Impact: 1500 students - $1,000.00 awarded for Student Built, Self Replicating 3D printers at Timbercrest Junior High to support the Foundation’s S.T.E.M. initiative. Under the direction of Josh Caldwell, this project purchases parts and filament required to create two 3D printers. Computer Science students will create, recreate and maintain 3D printers to explore developments and different approaches to 3D Printing. This project will also increase access to printers and providing state of the art industry level experience for junior high students.

AP Biology Curriculum at Woodinville High School. Impact: 35 students - $1,000.00 awarded for AP Biology Curriculum at Woodinville High Schools to support the Foundation’s Initiative for Advanced and Disadvantaged Students and STEM. Under the direction of Jennifer Veterane, this grant will provide all of the supplies necessary to complete all the Biology labs now required by the College Board. 

-$9,000 Bothell High Composites Engineering & Manufacturin - To support the consortium partnership fee to access the Washington Aerospace Training and Research Core Certificate curriculum. Students then have the ability to take the WATR center core certificate course while enrolled in the Composites Engineering & Manufacturing course and take the end of course assessment to earn the certification.

-$11,000 Woodinville High school Robotics/CAD/Manufacturing - This grant supported the purchase of an industry standard 3D modeling printer to be used by the Robotics/CAD/Manufacturing program.

-$1,500 Career & Technical Ed Certified Nursing Assistant Program  - This grant supported the purchase of a lap top cart to house new technology that was recently implemented in the classroom. 


  • Teacher Mike Wierusz Wins Paul G. Allen Foundation Distinguished Teacher Award 
  • NSD Composites Engineering & Manufacturing program kicks off inaugural year and wins $25,000 OSPI High Demand Grant
  • Bothell High School Automotive Technology Instructor wins Northshore Schools Foundation Innovative Educator award


  • UW Bothell opens new School of STEM program. Go to University of Washington/Bothell
  • Sustainable Engineering & Design program featured in the Nov 2012 issue of Alaska Airlines Horizon Edition magazine, page 30.
  • NSD Career and College Readiness wins a $7,000 grant from OSPI and a $1,000 grant from SPEEA (Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace) 
  • IFPTE Local 2001 to support the new First Robotics Club at Woodinville High School.
  • Northshore Schools Foundation enhances the Health Occupations/CNA program with $25,000 of support for the purchase of 10 state of the art hospital beds for training and certification.
  • NSD Career and College Readiness department sends 3 Junior High School Technology Education teachers to the Carnegie Mellon Summer Robotics Academy for First Lego League Robotics training.

Fall 2011-Spring 2012

  • Secondary Academy For Success wins first ever 2012 US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Award.
  • Secondary Academy For Success wins $10,000 National Environmental Education Foundation Award which was sponsored by Samsung. 
  • Secondary Academy For Success awarded OSPI STEM Lighthouse School Award with $20,000 grant to support STEM education.
  • NSD Career and College Readiness program awarded $10,500 grant through Washington STEM for the development and implementation of a Junior High Sustainable Design program. Course will be piloted at Timbercrest Junior High School, Spring of 2012.
  • NSD Career and College Readiness program is partnering with Northshore Schools Foundation to host "Building Partnerships for Northshore Biomedical Advancement" breakfast event.
  • Northshore Schools Foundation supports Health Occupations program by purchasing 2 newly used electric hospital beds.
  • NSD Career and College Readiness program is partnering with Northshore Schools Foundation grants to support STEM education (currently $80,000 in pending STEM grant awards waiting for official approval).
  • NSD has partnered with OSPI and Microsoft to offer Microsoft ITA training and free certification testing in a number of Microsoft products, including Word, Excel, Access, Project.   In addition advanced topics include programming, web development, and database development.
  • New high school STEM courses are being developed for implementation in 2012-13; IB Environmental Science, Sports Medicine, UW College in the High School Neurobiology and UW College In The High School Climate Science. 

Fall 2010-Spring 2011

  • Three new STEM courses starting 2010-11 for NSD: 
          Biomedical Science
          Sustainable Engineering & Design
  • NSD Career and College Readiness department awarded a $40,000 grant for high demand STEM through OSPI for the Sustainable Engineering & Design program.
  • NSD Career and College Readiness department awarded a $900 FIRST Robotics grant through OSPI to assist in the implementation of our Robotics programed Robotics club.
  • NSD Career and College Readiness department awarded a $1,000 from Northshore Schools Foundation for the support of FIRST Robotics.