Data Analysis

Areas of disparity and/or disproportionality: Examined a broad range of available student performance (courses taken, GPAs, SAT/ACT and state testing scores), discipline, attendance and other data to assess areas of disparity and/or disproportionality that should be the focus of future district priorities, efforts and action steps

Equity/Diversity Data Briefs: A series of equity data briefs developed by Education Northwest, a non-profit research organization, that examine the perceptions of the social and academic climate in schools, as well a variation across key academic outcomes. Student data from the district student information system along with input from the focus groups and online survey will be reviewed and analyzed in the development of these equity data briefs (EDNW Equity/Diversity Data Briefs webpage)

Threat Assessment: Reviewed and revised the student threat assessment process to provide a greater level of consistency, expertise and external validation, including the involvement of trained and qualified external professionals as appropriate, including School Board Policy and Procedure 4314, 4314P and 4314F.

Safe Schools Alert: A confidential reporting system that reports incidents of harassment, intimidation and/or bullying to school administrators and district security department

Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: Revised the Rights and Responsibilities handbook to better incorporate positive behavior expectations consistent with PBIS/MTSS (Positive Behavior Intervention System/Multi-Tier Systems of Support) principles and made the document more user-friendly and accessible as a proactive behavior management tool.

Equity & Diversity