Who We Are

Our mission is to strengthen our community through excellence in Education.

Our actions are grounded in a strong belief in the capacity of every student to achieve academic and social-emotional success that prepares them to thrive in a world yet to be imagined.

  • We are committed to equity, to safety and supports for students and adults, and to building on the strengths and addressing the needs of the whole child.
  • We believe that the ethic of lifelong learning is the catalyst for growth and continuous improvement. It powers the journeys of our students, educators, and community toward excellence.

Teaching & learning is the central function of our school system. We will advocate for standards, practices and programs that engage every student in challenging work, regardless of their current level of performance. We will differentiate and scaffold instruction to meet the unique strengths, backgrounds, readiness, and learning styles of each student.

Learning into the future guarantees that together, everybody grows every day!


Equity & Diversity

A diverse group of students posing for a photo in the school library

We are committed to ensuring that all students are provided equitable opportunities to learn in an environment where they are nurtured and supported to succeed at high levels throughout their K-12 experiences and beyond.

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Strategic Plan

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The Strategic Plan represents months of community conversations to help define clear strategic goals, determine how to measure them, and identify instructional techniques that will bring them to life in the classroom.

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Safety & Security

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The safety and security of our students, staff, visitors, and buildings is of the utmost importance.

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