Current Substitutes

Thank you for being a substitute in the Northshore School District! We are excited to have you as part of our District!

Below you will find helpful information and resources to be successful as a substitute in Northshore.

Accepting Jobs

You can accept jobs via the automated Frontline phone system 1-800-942-3767 

or the Frontline Website by clicking the logo below:

Fronltline Education Login


Accessing Frontline 

To access Fronline, your Frontline ID is your 10-digit phone number, including area code, and without the dashes. For example, 4255551212. Your Frontline PIN was given to you during orientation. If you forgot your PIN, please contact the Substitute Office.

Please note that once you log onto Frontline you will have access to additional training documentation as well as the ability to watch short online training videos on your computer screen.

Substitute Handbook

Tips for A Positive Subbing Experience

Please only accept jobs that you intend to work and that you are qualified for.

Be sure to log into Frontline and identify your preferred schools. These are the schools that you are willing to work at.

Be sure to modify your profile if you are unavailable on a particular day. This lets the system know not to call you on the days that you are unavailable to work.

Cancelling an assignment at the last minute due to illness is sometimes unavoidable. Please contact the Substitute Office as well as cancelling the assignment within the system.

Cancelling an assignment to take a more "attractive" assignment is not acceptable.

Consider printing cards with your name to leave with teachers to encourage them to call you again.

Helpful Resources and Trainings

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Not currently a substitute with us, but interested in applying for a substitute position? Visit our employment pages to learn more!

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