Administrative Employment

Thank you for your interest in working for the Northshore School District!

Administrative Employment includes both Certificated (requires a Washington State Administrator certificate and are school leader or central office positions) and Classified (directors or managers).

Information About Applying

Ready to apply, but looking for more information about the application process? Learn more below.

How To Apply

Create an account using our online application system.  Our staff will only review online applications.

In your account:

Complete or update your application by clicking on My Application and completing the required fields. Your application is "complete" when the following materials have been received:

  1. Your completed online application.
  2. Your resume (uploaded with your online application).
  3. A minimum number of electronic confidential reference forms returned.
  4. Any certificates required for the position as noted in the job description.

Only completed applications will be reviewed by hiring managers.

In addition to completing your application, you will need to apply to the job. You will apply by clicking on the Jobs tab and then the View/Apply button next to any job you are interested in and qualified for.

We will contact you if your qualifications and interests match the needs of the position.

To view other types of positions listed on our job board (Classified,  Certificated, Administrator-Certificated, Administrator-Classified) you will need to log into your account, go to My Application > General Information and change the Applicant Type by selecting the ‘Change Type’ button. The All Jobs page will then list all the open positions for that applicant type.  Please note that changing the applicant type does not affect the jobs that you have already applied for. Don't forget to review your application to make sure there are not any additional questions you need to answer with the new applicant type.

Required Documents

  • Online Application
  • Resume
  • Letter of Application stating your goals and qualifications
  • Copy of WA State Administrator Certificate (Certificated Administrator)
  • Copy of any licenses or certificates if applicable (Classified Administrator)
  • Three Confidential References

 Please note: confidential reference forms are automatically emailed to your references once entered in your online application.

Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my username or password. How do I retrieve it?

From the application ‘Sign In’ page, click ‘Forgot username or password?’ An email will be sent to you shortly.

How do I know if my online application was submitted?

An auto-generated email will be sent to your email with your application status.

How do I know if my application is complete?

Please review the Required Documents below. You can ensure your application has met the minimum data requirements to be visible to hiring administrators by clicking on the check mark with the circle around it on the left hand menu in your application.

Who should I list as a confidential reference?

You should list those who have supervised your work; this could be a principal/assistant principal, administrative mentor, or other supervisor.

How can I see if my confidential references returned their surveys?

Login to your account and view the reference status on the References and Confidential References page in your application.

When will I hear from Northshore?

Applications are reviewed shortly after an administrative position closes and applicants with qualifications that match the needs of the district will be contacted for an interview.

To whom do I address the letter of application?

Since online applications are reviewed by any one of Northshore’s administrators, we recommend you address the letter of application with Hiring Official or Hiring Administrator.

I am graduating this summer and do not have my administrative certificate yet, should I apply now or wait?

Apply now and note on your online application that your Washington State administrator certificate is pending. Once you get your permit/certificate, upload your document at that time.

Does Northshore School District accept placement files?


Who do I contact if I have additional questions or need help with my application?

Contact Human Resources at or 425-408-7604.

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Need a computer to complete your application or need help on your application?

Come visit the Human Resources department between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday at the Administrative Center! For questions, you can also email or call us anytime!