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We strongly support staff in their search for professional development opportunities. All district-led classes are available through PDPlace.

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What are clock hour requirements?

  • Only “professional development” activities can be awarded Clock Hours. The regulations specifically prohibit awarding Clock Hours for:
    • Routine staff meetings to discuss operational or administrative policies and procedures.
    • Social hours or actual meal times (unless this time is spent in professional development activities, such as listening to a presenter).
  • A minimum ofthree hours of instructional timeis required before Clock Hours can be awarded.
  • Before Clock Hours can be approved for an inservice, the following standards must be met:
    • An agenda mustbe developed that includes: a statement of the intended outcomes of the course and specifies the topics to be covered;
    • The dates and times for each session, with start and end times, breaks, and meal times shown.
  • Inserviceswill not be enabledunless an agenda is attached.
  • Attendance sheets must be printed from PDPlace; other attendance sheets will not be accepted.

How do I print clock hour forms?

Northshore School District has gained approval from OSPI to issue clock hour transcripts in lieu of individual clock hour registration forms.  Transcripts print all of the clock hours you have earned through Northshore School District during a specified time period.  The transcript does not require additional signatures or approval forms.

To print a transcript in PDPlace:

  1. Log in to PDPlace
  2. Click "My Page" in the right hand corner
  3. Click "Print Official Transcript"
  4. Select desired date range and print or save as PDF.

You may also print individual clock hour registration forms for your records.

To print a clock hour form for a completed class:

  1. Log in to PDPlace
  2. Click "My Page" in the right hand corner
  3. Click "View all my registrations"
  4. Click "Print Inservice Form" on the desired course row
  5. If you do not see "Print Inservice Form," please click on the "Enter Evaluation" tab.  After you complete the evaluation, the "Print Inservice Form" tab will be available. 

How do I reset my password?

Use the "Forgot Password" link and information on the main page in PDPlace. Your password will be reset and a new temporary password will be sent to only a Northshore School District email address associated with your account. If you continue to have login problems, please email

What do I do when my inservice is not listed as complete?

The PDPlace Team reconciles the Inservices when they receive the documentation from the Instructor and verify participants attendance.  If you have a specific Inservice you need reconciled in order to move up the salary schedule, please email

Additional Funding Sources


Building inservice funds may be accessed. Contact your Building Inservice Chair for additional information. You can also check with your building's PTA president regarding funds. While each building's PTA sets its own priorities, many provide teacher grants for supplies to support instruction.

Specialists - OT/PT, Psychologists, SLP

Apply to Special Education for Inservice Funds, not to their buildings; however, some buildings do give additional funds to specialists assigned to their buildings. See your Specialist Department Head for more information about inservice funds. 

Paraeducators, School Assistants, Nurses

All NESPA members and Office Professionals (NEOPA members) can apply for professional development funds for job related training activities by contacting their designated association representatives. See your contract for more specific information. Additionally, building principals or departments may have other discretionary funds for classified staff, but this varies by building/department and employee group. 

Paraeducators are eligible to attend a variety of classes through the PSESD

Custodians, Food Service Workers & Bus Drivers

These personnel usually receive inservice training through their department.


These employees can access inservice funding through their building or contact Chris Bigelow in Student Services by email or at 425-408-7726.

Instructor Information

The District is an approved clock hour provider in Washington State and must comply with the laws and regulations governing the awarding of these clock hours. Instructors must follow specific guidelines when creating courses.

  • Instructors must be approved by the building principal or district administrator.
  • If you have user permission to enter a course in PDPlace, a system supervisor must review the course objectives and agenda.
  • All inservice requests require a two week advance notice.
  • Signed attendance sheets need to be submitted to Human Resources following the event or after the last session of a series.