Human Resources

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Welcome to Human Resources!

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service.  Our goal is to support you as a member of our diverse and highly talented workforce and are here to provide you with the resources available to be successful throughout your career at Northshore. 

Departments in Human Resources include:

  • Employment
  • Data Management/Certification
  • Benefits and Retirement
  • Substitute Services
  • Effective Practice and Induction Coaching

Who To Call

All extensions begin 425-408-XXXX

Name Title Email Ext

Doug Hale

Executive Director 7621
Elaine Gisle Administrative Asst. to Doug Hale 7621
Abel Ghirmai Director of HR 7622
Stephanie Greany Administrative Asst. to Abel Ghirmai 7602
Lisa McLean Manager of Benefits & HRIS 7611
Laura Poolman Manager of Employment Services 7620
Tracy Meloy Director for Effective Practice & Induction Coaching 7717
Dianne Smith Human Resources Assistant 7604
M. Susan Martin Classified Employment Services Coordinator 7609
Denise Stewart Certificated Employment Services Coordinator 7608
Lance Andahl Human Resource Lead Analyst 7614
Stefanie Roberts Human Resource Analyst - Certificated 7613
Talli Lind Human Resource Analyst - Classified 7616
Toni Damron Benefits and Retirement Analyst 7610
Audrey Martin Benefits & Workers' Comp Specialist 7612
Angela Reed Substitute Office Coordinator 7619
Linda Cowan Effective Practice & Induction Coach 7742
Andrea Haas Effective Practice & Induction Coach 7618
Susan E. Martin Effective Practice & Induction Coach 7741
Andrea Schneider Effective Practice & Induction Coach 4192
Kirsten Vesely Effective Practice & Induction Coach 7746

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