Surplus of Equipment & Materials

If an item or books are no longer needed or are damaged, they can be surplussed.  These items cannot be sold or donated without permission from Ashley Clericus (x7651).
A Request for Surplus of Equipment/Books form must be completed and signed by the building/department administrator. Serial numbers, inventory tags and a description of the item(s) should be included on the form. If you have questions regarding what items can be surplussed, please contact Ashley Clericus (x7651).
Forms can be obtained from the Graphics Center. Each item or box of items must have a copy of the completed form attached. The original form must be sent to the Purchasing Dept. for review and approval. Purchasing will then forward the form(s) to the Warehouse and Warehouse staff will pick up the items. If you have questions regarding when your items will be picked up, please contact the Warehouse.