What Can & Cannot Be Purchased

What can the Purchasing Card purchase?

Just about anything that is related to Northshore School District business. Here are a just a few examples:

  • Conference registrations
  • Food for instructional classes or qualified meetings
  • Non-technology equipment under $5,000.00
  • Subscriptions/Memberships
  • Classroom and office supplies
  • Pre-approved travel and lodging (fuel cards issued by Transportation Dept.)

What can't I purchase?

There are some items that can't be purchased using a Purchasing Card. If you're not sure about an item, please contact Linda Rainsberger (x7652) for information. Here are some examples of what cannot be purchased:

  • Personal use of card for any purposes
  • Restaurant meals for employees
  • Flowers or floral arrangements
  • Gifts or gift certificates of any value
  • Cash advances/donations to charity
  • Federal funds, only with pre-approval by Candy Manthey (x7651)
  • Personal services/contract for services*
  • Salaries/wages
  • Computers, printers, audio visual items (must go through Technology Department)
  • Fixed assets over $5,000.00
  • Online subscriptions
  • Software

    *Purchases that require a contract, have terms and conditions, or rental of facilities and equipment. These require approval and signature by Candy Manthey.