Where can the cards be used?

Any vendor that will accept a VISA credit card  and can provide an itemized receipt.


Can someone else use my card?

No. Your name is imprinted on the card and you will be the only one allowed to purchase items using the Purchasing Card. The Purchasing Card must be treated as any other credit card you may have. Do not loan your card or number to anyone. 


Can I use my card to travel?

Yes. Purchases for commercial transportation and lodging are allowed. The process for pre-approval at your building/school will remain the same. Meals for employees while on district business are not allowed to be charged on the district card.


Are there restrictions on the amount I can charge on the card?

Yes. Each card will be given a specific dollar amount that can be charged per month and/or each transaction based upon the administrator's approval. Once the dollar limit is reached, the card will be rejected for the balance of the month. 


How do I use my card for internet purchases, telephone and mail orders?

When purchasing items over the internet, telephone or mail order, you will need to print a copy of your order if placed over the internet, or request a packing slip/receipt with all telephone and/or mail orders. Your receipt must be itemized.


What is the CVV code?

Some vendors may request you to supply the card number along with the CVV2 number. The CVV2 number is the "Visa Card Validation Code," which is the three digit number that is imprinted on the signature panel on the back of the card. Please supply this number to merchants when requested as it aids in the verification process.

Can I split transactions to multiple accounting codes?

Yes. Cardholders and managers can split transactions to multiple accounting codes within the same budget responsibility. Contact Ann Rolf (x7635) for more information.


Can users change their password?

Yes, passwords can be changed at will by valid users. The Access Online program requires password changes every 180 days.


What if I forget my password?

Access Online offers a "Forgot My Password" option or contact Linda Rainsberger (x7652) for assistance.


Do I still need a Purchase Order?

No. The use of the Purchasing Card eliminates the need for a purchase order. Itemized receipts must be collected and submitted as backup for all purchases made on the Purchasing Card. Once the item is posted in IFAS, the dollar amount of the purchase will appear as an expense on your budget reports. 


When is the information available on my BusinessPLUS reports... and how will I identify the purchase?

When the transaction has received the final approval, the information is uploaded into BusinessPLUS the next business day. Purchases will appear on the expense report with the name of the credit card vendor (P-Card) along with the name of the specific vendor the item was purchased from and a description, if entered. For more information, contact Ann Rolf (x7635).


What reports are available in Access Online?

There are several report options available to the user.  Reports can be viewed on-screen and printed.


Do you have to be a cardholder in order to login to Access Online?

No. We realize that some staff are not cardholders, yet they need access to Access Online in order to review the transaction activity of their cardholders.


Can I see details of what was purchased?

Some vendors supply more detail on purchases than others. If a number 'III' appears in the transaction list column, you can click on it and a window will display the details of the specific purchase.


How long is data history available?

Once you start using Access Online, your data is available for reports, data analysis and can be queried for a two full years.


How soon will I see my transactions for review?

The data is updated as of the previous business day, typically 24-72 hours after a merchant posts the transaction for their payment.