Purchasing Cards

The Northshore School District Purchasing Card is a VISA charge card for administrators and staff. It's function is confined to NSD business purchases only. IT IS NOT FOR PERSONAL USE.

The Northshore School District Purchasing Card Program is designed to:
  • Expand purchasing options
  • Streamline the small dollar purchasing process
  • Reduce the number of requests for special checks and emergency purchase orders
  • Eliminate the need to use personal funds
The Purchasing Card can be used for making most purchases up to a specified transaction amount. Most NSD Administrators and staff are eligible to receive and use a Purchasing Card, provided they have been designated to do so by the Department Administrator.
Purchasing cards are available for departments and schools. The individual requesting a Purchasing Card must attend an informational meeting and obtain an application.  The Purchasing Department will offer an informational meeting periodically during the year. The individual must attend a meeting to learn about the roles and responsibilities associated with having a Purchasing Card.
The Accounting Department will train new cardholders on the district's requirements for approving and reconciling the Purchasing Card account.

Contact Linda Rainsberger (x7652) for more information regarding:

  • Information on obtaining a Purchasing Card
  • Lost or stolen card
  • Monthly limit adjustments
  • Cancelling card

Contact Ann Rolf (x7635) in the Accounting Department for more information regarding:

  • Training new cardholders on the approval process
  • Lost or missing receipts and/or invoices
  • Budget adjustments
  • Disputed charges