A purchase order is required when ordering:
  • Preview materials
  • Supplies
  • Materials
  • Contractual services, including renting parks and facilities, or equipment.

Regular requisitions will be processed into purchase orders within five business days* of appearing in the purchasing approval queues if all information is complete and attachments have been received in the Purchasing Department. If the requisition requires a contract or insurance documents, additional time will be required.

If employees place orders without a purchase order, they could be personally responsible for payment. Please contact the Accounting Department (x7635) for issues regarding employee reimbursements.

* During peak times in May/June and August/September, requisitions may take 7-10 business days to process.
Items awarded through the bid or quote process must be purchased from the awarded vendor. Please refer to Current Bids and Quotes under Purchasing Home.
A checklist for expediting your requisitions:
  • Item description is complete and includes information such as item number, item color or size, workshop date, location, attendees, and shipping cost
  • Appropriate requisition codes are used in the requisition boxes
  • Appropriate vendors are used for bid and quote awards
  • Correct items are ordered if part of a bid or quote
  • Attachments for the vendor have been added to the requisition in BusinessPLUS.
  • The Purchasing Dept. will send the attachment with the P.O. to the vendor
If hiring anyone for services or renting equipment, facilities or park, contact Candy Manthey at x7651 for pre-approval.
Reminder: The use of requisition codes on your requisition can provide valuable information for the Purchasing Department as well as speeding up the purchase order process. These are typed into one of the ten small fields on the requisition screen. Refer to the Requisition Code Information section in the menu.