Welcome to Accounting

The Accounting Department is one of six departments within Business Services.  Accounting is responsible for:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing
  • Recording all financial transactions
  • Providing expenditure and cash receipting systems
  • Communicating financial information to stakeholders such as schools, departments, community members and government agencies
  • Providing guidance to schools and departments for state and federal accounting compliance laws 
  • Working with the state auditors

Who to Call

Responsibility Name   Phone Email
Account Code Corrections   Ann Rolf 425-408-7635 [email protected]
ACH Processing   Rhonda Drew 425-408-7642 [email protected]
ASB Guidance Ann Rolf 425-408-7635 [email protected]
Cash Receipts Rhonda Drew 425-408-7642 [email protected]
Employee Travel Questions Ann Rolf 425-408-7635 [email protected]
Expense & Mileage Claims (A-G) Carol Williams 425-408-7641

[email protected]

Expense & Mileage Claims (H-P) Amy Rogers 425-408-7639

[email protected]

Expense & Mileage Claims (Q-Z) Sarah Johnson 425-408-7666 [email protected]
General Cash Receipts Rhonda Drew 425-408-7642 [email protected]
Invoicing for Grants & PTA Rose Hertzog   425-408-7637 [email protected]
Payments - Capital Projects Fund Sarah Johnson 425-408-7666 [email protected]
Payments - Utilities Sarah Johnson 425-408-7666 [email protected]
Payments - Vendor (A-G) Carol Williams 425-408-7641

[email protected]

Payments - Vendor (H-P) Amy Rogers 425-408-7639 [email protected]
Payments - Vendor (Q-Z) Sarah Johnson 425-408-7666 [email protected]
POS/TouchBase Rhonda Drew 425-408-7642 [email protected]
Purchasing Card Statements/Payments  Ann Rolf 425-408-7635 [email protected]