Thursday Thoughts: Growth, Boundaries, Inglemoor Marching Band, and More

What a great week!!  I love this fall season and all the abundant joy it brings.  I spent some quality time at Canyon Park Middle School earlier this week to celebrate International Walk to School Day.  It was really fun to greet our student walkers and give them a high five as they arrived on campus.  I love the energy of our middle school students and their unbridled enthusiasm for all things innovative and interesting.  It is such a fabulous and abundant fall season!!

Enrollment Growth & Boundaries

This week, during our Board Study Session, we heard from the Enrollment Demographic Task Force (EDTF) and Les Kendrick, our district demographic consultant of many years.  The current demographic report is very informative and tells a continued story of growth for our school district.  Interestingly, a number of school districts in our region have lost significant enrollment this fall even as we continue to grow in enrollment.  I will have the confirmed October enrollment numbers to share with you next week but it looks as though we are up approximately 500 students year over year.  As a result of this growth, and the generous support of our amazing community, we are building a new elementary school near Maltby Road, and an addition to the Skyview/Canyon Creek campus.  This will cause us to review and revise our boundaries again.  After all, if we don't change the boundaries, there won't be any students to attend the new school ;>)

To that end, our EDTF made its first draft proposal related to the new boundaries to be proposed for the future and shared a timeline for the work ahead of us.  Please remember that this is the first draft of the thinking for the future on this topic.  There will continue to be multiple opportunities to discuss this with one another and the community.  This is a journey yet to travel as we look forward to the fall of 2020 and the opening of our new elementary school.  Please stay in touch on this topic and provide your input as we move forward; it matters.  Imagine the possibilities...

Inglemoor Marching Band

In great Northshore School District news, the Inglemoor Marching Band was named "Band of the Week" by King 5 sports. Clips of the their September 28 homecoming performance were featured during the King news broadcast on Oct. 6.  The 132 member Viking Marching Band is directed by Ted Christensen, Charlie Fix and Bruce Wilson.  We are so blessed to have such amazing professionals leading our groups.....

The Inglemoor Marching Band segment begins near the 11:30 minute mark.

Art Event for FSA Students

I am excited to report that JoAnn Grambush, an art teacher at Kenmore Middle School, is planning an art event for our Functional Skills and Academics (FSA) students in the Northshore School District this spring.  She is working with a Safeway Educator’s grant and an idea generated through VerySpecial Arts Festivals held many years ago.  According to JoAnn, "the goal is to have a one day event for our FSA students and their teachers and paras. Local artists will provide creative experiences in printmaking, clay, paper art, watercolor, collage, and sculpture. Selected student volunteers (4-6) from art and/or leadership from each participating school will help the artists and FSA students and their paras with the activities, guiding them through the steps of the crafts. Caricature and balloon sculpture, music and other entertainment will also offer color and creativity to their day."  This event is scheduled for April 25, 2019 at Brightwater Center.  There will be morning activities for half of the population and afternoon activities for the other half. School bus drivers will transport the students and their teachers to Brightwater for their 2 - 2 1/2 hours of creative fun.  We are planning to draw from the 79 FSA students at Bothell, Inglemoor, NorthCreek, and Woodinville High Schools and from Kenmore, Skyview and Timbercrest Middle Schools. There will be an information meeting on October 25 at 3:30 at Kenmore Middle School.  Imagine the possibilities...

Science Workshop at Westhill

In news from Westhill Elementary School, Principal Dana Whitehurst shared, that professional toy inventor and nationally recognized educator Rick Hartman presented an intensive, hands-on and fun-filled science workshop for each grade level focusing on a specific science principle.  During the 90-minute experience, students used simple hand tools to build a variety of toys that demonstrate important scientific concepts studied in the classroom with the TCI science curriculum.  Specific vocabulary introduced during classroom science investigations was highlighted during this program along with concepts and skills the students are currently learning (i.e. balance, force, motion, stability, energy transfer).  The highly engaging and creative hands-on projects gave students, teachers, and parents an exciting, “real world” experience that connects science to the world around them.   HUGE THANKS to Northshore Schools Foundation and Westhill PTSA for funding the workshops and supplies as well as the many parents who volunteered both days. Every student built and took home the wooden toys they created at the workshop!

Sorenson Visit

In keeping with my commitment to be in all of our classrooms each year, I had a great visit at Sorenson Early Learning Center this morning. I had an opportunity to make shapes out of clay and enjoy snacks ;>) and be part of an amazing school with dedicated and passionately driven staff resolutely committed to miracles, large and small each day.  Speaking of the dedication and amazing work, I want to share a story from Tammy Baker Laws, as she shared a story of hope and progress with me today.  She reminded me that last year, I saw her work with a particular young student who last year I saw sitting on a swing with her (as he could not tolerate being in a group or staying in a chair) and every time he was asked to do something he screamed and cried.  Today, I saw him use an iPad to make a choice at the table in the extended day program at Sorenson. He is working on using that device as his functional communication system.   Tammy reminded me, that "While he was loud today, he was at the table with three other students and telling her which color he wanted.  His educational team has done great work with this little dude.  And we continue to strive for the best in our early childhood settings at NSD."  I am so proud to support this growth mindset and our Goal 1 work: Support for the Early Years.  Imagine the possibilities...

PSAT Administered to 3,000 Students

The Career and College Readiness Department is excited to report a successful administration of the 2018 PSAT exam on Wednesday 10/11. Over 3,000 NSD students participated in the PSAT and by doing so, will provide the district with in-depth data to guide us in data driven decision making, help identify skills gaps and improve instruction, and provide students & school district administration with data to increase opportunities for academic rigor (AP Potential report). The PSAT data is scheduled to be released in December. This is a great opportunity to inform our future course planning.  Imagine the possibilities...

Enjoy the Little Things

As we head into this fall weekend, please enjoy the colors of the changing season and the warmth of friends and family.  And so, "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." --- Robert Brault

Warmest regards,
Michelle Reid, Ed.D.



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