Northshore educators ratify new contract for 2018-19 school year

The Northshore main office building entrance, a glass and steel beam structure

The Northshore School District and Northshore Education Association (NSEA) bargaining groups have reached a contract agreement for the 2018-19 school year.

The contract gives the 2,000 members of NSEA, both teachers and education support professionals, a 19.2 percent across the board wage increase for the 2018-19 school year. The starting salary for teachers in Northshore is now $60,000, and the top salary for teachers is $115,077, keeping the District among the highest paying districts in the state.

The agreement comes one month into the school year. “It was appropriate to renegotiate salaries given the McCleary decision and the fact that we deeply value all of our educators,” said Northshore Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid. “However, we all agreed that even more important was a smooth start to our school year with no disruptions for those who are central to our work – our students.”

“McCleary did not fix everything. Special Education costs, class sizes, mental health needs and capital construction cost supports for school districts are challenges that lie ahead,” said NSEA President Tim Brittell.“Working together we can tackle these and overcome these obstacles. This pay increase will change the lives of our educators. Some will now be able to find a suitable place to live within our District community. Others can now send their children to college or pay off their student debt. Most importantly, there is a renewed sense of pride and devotion in our school district.”

At the meeting on Monday evening, teachers voted unanimously to ratify the contract and education support professionals ratified their agreement with a 97% vote.  Both agreements will be sent forward to the School Board for final approval on October 22.

Board President Sandy Hayes applauded District and NSEA leadership. “The collaborative spirit throughout the bargaining process is a testament to everyone’s commitment to our students and Northshore’s continued work toward excellence in education.”




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